Coarse Fishing - the 'old' way! 

 Although this site is largely about fly angling I am adding a touch of information concerning general freshwater fishing. 

Here's a link to my handcrafted floats:


As my kids got older they wanted to have a go and the local canals provided the answer to their dreams. My fishing career actually started via chasing sticklebacks with a net in the ditches near my home.

Almost 60 year old tackle and still catching good fish

Today, when I am float fishing I tend to fish mainly with an old cane rod that was made for me by a friend of the family when I was just five. On this old weapon I attach  an ancient Bakelite centre-pin reel. The gear still works and used in conjunction with a hand-made quill float still catches plenty of good fish. A kindly soul recently passed me by on a canal and informed me that my old rod was made of 'Spanish Reed.' I think he was correct after checking out a few images on websites.  

Being a mobile dry fly angler I find the prospect of huge roach poles and green umbrellas unattractive and prefer the old Mr Crabtree approach. 

Species targeted are Tench, Bream, Roach, Rudd, Perch. Sure, other species come along at times but these are the main ones.

Here is a link to my hand-crafted floats on eBay. 


I shall add to this page as time goes on to explain my traditionalistic style...

Bream taken from a Lancashire canal on float. Red fingers were with food dye. 

Tench taken by Pat Regan


Kids are natural anglers, as this following link proves so well:


One really good thing about coarse fishing is that it gets the kids involved in angling and into the countryside. 

Ice Fishing? 

And here's a link to show that one can catch fish in frozen lakes on vintage gear....


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