Welcome to 'Dryflyfisher'. My name is Pat Regan and fishing the Dry Fly on wild spate streams is my passion. I hope to share a glimpse of this magic here with you.

Pat Regan's new angling site,  which was resurrected from the old one.

New Book is released by Southport author, Pat Regan

Fly fishing on wild becks

Secrets of the Hidden Stream

By Pat Regan

Paperback Version:


What others say:

 "Absolutely stunning detail encompassed with a passion for the sport. Pat Regan's Book is a fantastic read for the novice and experienced fly fisher. I personally felt the child like excitement grow with each new chapter as each tale from river and beck unfolded into a descriptive adventure. If you love fly fishing and being at one in nature this book will engross you....... quite simply you will not want to put it down once you have started reading it." 

 Phil (graylinghunter)

 Just finished reading this over the Christmas period, and it made me long for the warm summer days, and the peaceful wild streams. As an avid dry fly fisher, I can relate to much of the excellent information contained in this book.Plenty of information for the novice as well as the more experienced fisherman.Written in a friendly, easy going style, I found it difficult to put down.

 A treat for the dedicated dry fly fisherman!

 Ian Dandy

Southport Fly Fishers (SFF) News 2015

I won the best bag limit (trout) trophy three years in succession. This is the sixth time I have won this trophyMoreover, SFF has created a new class of ‘Honorary Membership’ for two great guys, Frank Porter (club member since 1980 and our longest serving member) and John Wilkins (club member since 1983). 

More details here: 

2021 UPDATE: I am the longest serving SFF member. 

Sadly, both John and Frank have now died. 

My records recently confirmed that I joined SFF on 22nd July, 1982. This fact makes me the longest existing SFF member. 

My diaries also show that I was freely teaching regular weekly fly dressing for the club, from winter 1982 onwards. I was presented with a landing net by the late committee Member John Wilkens, as a token of thanks from the club.  

Later on, I suggested a 'catch and release' policy for the club. Initially this was rejected. Due to this questionable decision I left the club for a few years to fish the Yorkshire streams. However, whilst I was away the club had decided to adopt my proposal.

I was subsequently contacted by SFF's Mike Nash and asked to come back to the club, as my reluctant departure was due to no fault of my own. I happily did this and the joining fee was 'not' required by the club. 

Therefore, even though I did have a short absence from SFF I am today their longest existing member.  

Wild places and wild fish....

This site is dedicated to the memory of a grand countryman and angler - the late Jack Hargreaves

Take the Pipe fishing...

Like Jack, many anglers like to smoke a pipe. Therefore, please check my piping pages on Youtube. 

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