About Dry Fly Fisher

Hello and welcome to my dry fly angling site.

My name is Pat Regan. I fish the northern spate streams of Lancashire, Cumbria and Yorkshire with dry fly. My unorthodox way with the fly has developed over many years. I tend to use very short and light stalking rods of only 5 to 6 feet in length. This allows for delicate presentation and tiny flies to be cast under overhanging branches on wild becks. My vintage ways in fact seem to frustrate some of the modern long - rod  brigade, yet that is just the way it is. I fish the way I do because it 'works' so  well and brings me maximum satisfaction in the sport. 

Craggy old rivers like the Hodder, Lune, Doe, Twiss, Greta, Yarrow and Wenning that flow rapidly through bleak northern mountainsides. Thistle-strewn wild havens that are home to the curlew, snipe, dipper and kingfisher and where sheep outnumber humans -  a hundred to one.

These ancient systems are at times cold, hostile and unforgiving. Forget the gentle and lush chalk streams of southern England, you will not find such  grassy luxury herein.

 Following rain, northern spate streams can rise alarmingly in a matter of hours and drop just as quickly.

Water colour subsequent to  flooding  can quickly change from a thick brown muddy hue to pale, attractive, sherry and being there at the right time is frequently paramount to success.


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